We are driven by…

…the belief that good design should be at the heart of your communication strategy. We also believe that a rigorous and perceptive understanding of your project is the key to getting communications right. We are proud of the great variety of projects we have been involved in. They range from EU-wide promotion of renewable energy and innovation to helping SMEs and start-ups profile themselves. Over the years we have worked hard to build close and trusting working relationships with clients. We’ve earned a consistent reputation for creating effective and memorable designs for European institutions, trade associations and B2B companies.

As a result MARDI has been growing steadily over the years.

The team

Martin Dieryck has more than 20 years of experience in institutional and corporate communication. He was inter alia responsible for the redesign of the NATO logo and the new graphic guidelines. He has created several major logos and designs for the European Commission e.g. the 7th Framework Programme logo, the PRO INNO Europe logo. Martin works either directly with the Commission or as a design consultant for European communication agencies.
In addition to his graphics expertise, Martin also has a marketing background from Solvay Business School which allows him to seamlessly integrate the strategic vision of the client into his work.
Martin left his native town of Antwerp to make his studies at Sint Lucas Ghent. He is fluent in Dutch, French and English. He can often be spotted climbing the hills of Brussels on one of his bicycles or recumbents.

Sylvie Lillywhite has worked for 8 years as account manager handling a number of major brands, among other L’Oréal, Carrefour, Schweppes, United Biscuits… Having learned the requirements of the business from the ‘Masters of Marketing’ she will always offer her personal vision and dedicated services to the client. Born in France, with an English grandfather, Sylvie graduated in Brussels in advertising communication at Ihecs.

Our green philosophy

At MARDI, we are acutely aware that the decisions we make each day as designers can have a significant impact on the environment.

For instance, our print work involves hundreds of tons of paper annually. We are conscious of the big amount of energy and water that goes into producing a single sheet of paper, and have therefore built up an extensive knowledge of greener alternatives. We are happy to advice our clients on the use of recycled paper, which quite simply uses far less resources. We encourage its use except in the very few situations where it can’t be applied. And in those cases we recommend paper types made from timber that comes from sustainable forests and uses little or no chlorine in the production.

We generally seek to improve our environmental impact. In line with our green philosophy, we have chosen to place our headquarters in a low-energy building (K36, E58) on the green border of Brussels.