We all have a story to tell, an audience
to reach,
a desire to persuade, a product
or service to sell.

As professional designers, Mardi creates
and designs visual systems that will give you an edge and help you show exactly
who you are, what makes you different,
why clients should choose you.


EREC Hat-trick 2030

This 24 pages brochure sets out a number of reasons why an integrated renewables energy efficiency policy approach yields more benefits for European citizens and industries than a one-legged policy based approach.


Rebranding of a financial e-service company

Edebex is an online marketplace that helps businesses turn long-dated invoices into immediate cash and investors get better returns with low risks.


Brand development of a company that offers a complete overview of worldwide IP case law for Intellectual Property (IP) professionals.


Design of the visual identity.
The ECO-SEE project develops new eco-materials and components for the
purpose of creating both healthier and more energy efficient buildings.


Brand identity development

Co.Station help young tech company grow by providing capital, office space, expertise and direct access to the Silicon Valley.
watch the testimonial from the CEO of Co.Station, Baudouin de Troostembergh


Design of the logo and the visual identity.

The FLOATGEN project demonstrates two floating wind turbine systems for power generation in Southern European deep waters.


Annual Report, 2013
(in collaboration with Spade.be)

FP7 – Seventh Framework Programme

Design of the logo

The 7th Framework Programme aims to strengthen the scientific and technological base of European industry and to encourage its international competitiveness, while promoting research that supports EU policies.

Tricount – iOS & Android app

Design of the logo, interface and pictograms.
Tricount, the best app to organise group expenses.

ComRealty – website

Com.Realty is a Brussels based real estate consultant that has the aim to provide professional and tailor-made services.

DG Environment

Biodiversity is life: E-cards and screensaver


Logo and graphic guidelines

EREC RE-Thinking 2050


Visual identity for European policy event.

European Cluster Alliance

European Cluster Alliance – Report

Report for an open platform fostering transnational cooperation in the area of cluster policy.

EC DG Transport & Energy

SESAR (Single European Sky Air Traffic Management Research)
This initiative aims to develop the new tools and technologies needed to sustain air traffic growth in Europe for the next 20 years in an economically and environmentally sound way.


Passenger brochure.

EWEA – Turbine box

Scale model of a wind turbine, design of the box.