Darts-IP editable factsheet.

made with Powerpoint®
this sheet is fully editable by the client.

Comrealty – powerpoint presentation

Powerpoint template, cover page

important information:  As from 01 september,
our telephone numbers have changed.
The number 32 2 543 44 52 has been
replaced by +32 477 44 68 25.


Colourful business cards. 


Technical drawing to explain the e-commerce process.

Traxxeo Geotraxx Buildixx

Traxxeo, designs of a sub-brand

Traxxeo, corporate folder

Tricount – Website

Tricount makes sorting out your group expenses easy when you organize group activities.
design of the illustrations.


This website is the main communication tool of the company.




Logo and graphic guidelines including look & feel for brochure and website

Léon Eeckman

Redefining the logo and design of the housestyle

Building Smart

Logo, graphic guidelines, stationery


Sales brochure

DG Transport & Energy

Brochure for cities energy and climate change policy solutions

Atrium – Village Partenaire

Logo, poster & invitation